Theme: “Global Forum for Innovations and collaboration in Food Security and Safety” - Caribbean Resiliance

Food Hygiene Bureau is honoured to host the Caribbean Food Security and Safety Sustainability Summit & Expo.  This event will be held September 22-23, 2021 Virtual and *at Jamaica.


This inaugural event aims to bring together food policy makers across the region, leading Academic scientists, NGOs, agronomists, supply chain researchers, consumers, consumers associations, farmers and scholars to discuss and share on Caribbean Resilience Food Security/Safety for the region. There is a need for the Caribbean to have a single marketplace to ensure food policy addresses the health of the Caribbean nation, sustainability of traditional crops, and the use of new technology.


The Caribbean region has experienced its worst devastation to our supply chain as the overseas market contracted due to lockdowns, and interruptions to the operational facilities in our history. Farmers and government are concerned about the future of food production, how to feed our nation and remain healthy, how to stimulate the local food production economy.  COVID-19 pandemic root is external to the region, but with huge public health impact had devasted our economy through lockdown measures implemented for public health protection.  Coupled with the threat of climate change and seed insecurity there is an urgent need for us to ensure a resilient food supply chain for the future.


This 2-day event will focus on the Caribbean region Food Security Policy and food supply chain sustainability/solutions in a single marketplace.

Speakers will be from India, Canada, USA, UK and the Caribbean.

The Food Hygiene Bureau is the Market leader in food safety solutions, certified training and education in the Caribbean.  We offer a one-stop solution for firms.  We are partners with the world known leaders in accreditation and products for the food industry.  Our vision and mission is to improve food safety, ensuring food security through networking with Government and NGOs, academia, training of food industry personnel and education of the consumer.


Our CEO Ms. Marva Hewitt is a trained and experienced Environmental Health Practitioner with over 27 years in the food industry. She is a native Jamaican with a passion for education in the sector. The range of services offered by the Food Hygiene Bureau include conferences, training, consultancy, auditing as well as providing food safety testing products for the sector.  Some of our Partners include the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health; Guelph University; Royal Society of Health and Hygiene, National Registry for Food Safety Professionals and National Environmental Health Association, Highfield Awarding Body Compliance, UK. International Food Protection Training Institute (IFPTI) USA.

Food Insecurity or Security should we be concerned

Climate Change in Food Security

Food authenticity: Emerging risks/threats

Market sustainability through global accreditation / certification

Globalization impact on Food Security & Policy

Food Wastage – Politics

COVID-19 Experience –regional challenges

Food Safety/Quality Export issues

Food Testing / Quality / Authentication (Caribbean needs)

Regional Food Policy –What of The “New Normal “

Use of Biotechnology in Food Security

Challenges to Caribbean Food Security Policy

GM Foods & Crops – New Agriculture

Empowerment of women in Agriculture and more…..

Workshops, CPDs, Networking and more ….........

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The offline event is subject to Government Protocol which may impact on travel.