THEME:   Global Impact on Food Security – Caribbean Resilience.

Food Hygiene Bureau  invite delegates to the “Caribbean Food Security and Safety Sustainability Conference and Summit”  to be held in Jamaica 

The United Nation have pledged to end hunger for all people in all countries of the world by 2030! “All people must enjoy a basic standard of living, including through social protection systems”. The fragility of our market place became evidence through the COVID-19 Pandemic. According to PAHO, hunger in the region is at its highest point since 2000, a 30 per cent increase from 2019 to 2020. Our region have continued to see increasing food import bill of US$10 billion and the NCDs have shown increase in the nations healthy status. Two major drivers of change is the tourism and export sectors and Government policy will need to be fully implemented to create a balance. This Summit will feature a round table discussion on the present pandemic, lessons learnt, and how we can move forward to ensure 2030 agenda a reality.

We have a rich programme comprising plenary sessions from industry experts, Government and NGOs.  Attendees will benefit from CPDs and Networking opportunities. 

This is an excellent opportunity for food businesses to Showcase products and services worldwide and for organisations to contribute to solutions in food security that threatens our region.


Topics will include:

Food authenticity: Emerging risks/threats

Globalisation impact on Food Security & Policy

COVID-19 Experience – Highlight from Caribbean government

Regional Food Policy –What of The “New Normal “

Food Fraud and Authenticity

Quality Standard and Food Management Systems

Challenges to Caribbean Food Security Policy

Seed Security ” Eat what we Grow”

Smarter Food Systems & Farm Technology

Sustainable Agriculture Caribbean challenges

Data analysis and natural suggestions for weathering the COVID-19 Storm

Food Insecurity or Security should we be concerned?

Global Pandemic in Food Security issues and challenges

Agony and Ecstacy of GM Foods & many more

Plenary Sessions


Certificates and CPD workshops


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The offline event is subject to Government Protocol which may impact on travel.